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Social Charges

From the Statute:

Art. 12
The Nobil Collegio of the Goldsmiths has one president and four counsellors who make up the Consiglio Direttivo and whose task is directing and managing the association.
The members of the Consiglio Direttivo remain in charge for three social years and can be elected several times. They must be members of the association.
In order to keep the traditions of the Nobil Collegio, the President also has the title of Console Camerlengo and the Counsellors have the title of Console.
The Vice-President, elected among the members of the Cosiglio, has the title of Primo Console, according to the rule of Art.24 of the present Statute.

Art. 13
The Collegio Sindacale (The Board of Mayors) is composed by three effective members and by two substitutes.

Art. 14
The Collegio dei Probiviri (Probiviri Board) is composed by three members who can also be chosen among the honorary members.

Triennium 2012– 2015

Consiglio Direttivo (Executing Council)

Console Camerlengo Corrado di Giacomo
Primo Console Piero de Stefano
Console Segretario (Secretary) Riccardo Alfonsi
Console Conservatore Archivio Storico (Curator of the Historical Archive) Andrea Porro
Console Tesoriere (Treasurer) Riccardo Menichini

Collegio Sindacale (Board of Mayors)

Sindaco (Effective Mayor) Monica Erzel
Sindaco (Effective Mayor) Alessio Tinozzi
Sindaco (Effective Mayor) Massimo Lefevre

Collegio dei Probiviri (Probiviri Board)

Proboviro Alberto De Stefano
Proboviro Ettore Menichini
Proboviro Giorgio Von Moos
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