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Institutional Activities
item 2 of the statute

The scope of the Nobil Collegio of Goldsmiths is:
a. Carrying out all the initiatives aimed to keep alive in the categories the noble traditions of the Art of the Goldsmiths Masters of Rome
b. Directly supporting the growth and the updating of the artistic and cultural education of goldsmiths
c. Spreading out the knowledge of the art of goldsmith
d. Awarding encouragement prizes to young apprentice craftsmen during their artistic, professional and moral training

The University of Goldsmiths organized, according to its Institutional activities:

Università degli Orefici Via S. Eligio, 7 - 00186 - Roma - Tel. 06-6868260- Fax 06-6868260 - E-mail: info@universitadegliorefici.it
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